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Introducing our Ram Line-up for the 2024 Lambing Season


Batt 0040 - "CLYDE"


Batt 9043 x Andrus 129C3

2024 will be our fourth breeding season with Clyde - and for good reason. This buck flat STAMPS them and adds bone, size, and functionality to any bloodline. To say he's had an influence on our flock would be an understatement.

We get a lot of requests about breeding to Clyde. We don't offer live coverage, but we do have semen available. Call or message for details.


MacCauley 5700


MacCauley 4898 x MacCauley 4961

Introducing "MacCauley 5700" - the high selling ram on MacCauley's 2023 Spring online sale. This buck fits everything we want in our program: stout, powerful and  balanced. Andrus genetics only four generations back is just a bonus! This guy will get every Clyde daughter on the place this fall - and we have HIGH expectations for this cross out.

5700 Sale Pic 1.jpg
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